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Hail! Maria Bambina my alma mater. As a little child, I came to the portals of Maria Bambina along with my siblings. Years rolled by……. I bloomed from a child to a matured lady, through the values instilled in me by the Sisters and teachers of my beloved school. The love for Infant Mary which I cherish and portray is the fruit of being a part of Maria Bambina. Now, as a staff member of the institution, I continue to bask in the virtues of Mary, my blessed Mother. Through the motherly affection, timely reminders given by my Principal and former teacher Sr. Thresia Poulose, I live on counting the blessings of God. To be a part of Maria Bambina is the greatest blessing showered by the Almighty not only for financial gains but also for spiritual fillers in life.

Mrs. Moritha Mascarenhas

“Do your little bit of good where you are, its those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world”.

God created man in his divine image. God has made each one of us unique and many at times we fail to realize our worth and for years together we live with the notion that we cannot do anything worth while in this world, until and unless we find someone who could find the diamonds within ourselves and polish it till everyone can see us sparkling.
In the same way I was lost in my own world, didn’t know where I was going, until that day I stepped into this wonderful Institution called Maria Bambina Higher Secondary School. My view about myself started changing as I learnt many lessons of life here. It was there that the good in me was brought out, which I never even knew that I had in me.
It was through my Principal and teachers that I was encouraged to aim higher in life, they motivated me and moulded me in such a way that I could face the world with courage and optimism. It is here that I learnt the virtues of good discipline, honesty, hardwork, sincerity, perseverance, charity, punctuality, patience etc and I still cherish every virtue that I received from this Institution.
Having passed out from standard tenth Maria Bambina was never an option for me for my further studies but there were some circumstances which led me to this Institution and from then on I never ever repented for being a student of this beloved HSS. Infact I would love to say that if I had not opted for this Institution then I would have lost a gem while going in search of stones.
In Maria Bambina I was nurtured with love and care. There was never a time when I came across any prejudice or discrimination between an average and a brilliant student. I was given opportunities to imbibe leadership qualities and moral values which have helped me to be what I am today.
These little bits of good things that were instilled in me, led me to bloom from a bud, which may have faded, into a flower giving fragrance by being a teacher. As a teacher, I am really proud, honoured and privileged to impart the knowledge which I received from this Institution to my students in the same Institution.
“Whatever you give to life, it gives you back. Love others, and love will come back to you”.

-Ex-Student Miss. Sharry Fernandes


Looking back with feelings of heartfelt love and profound gratitude, I raise my heart in thanksgiving and praise to my Creator, for having placed me in this religious institution run by the Sisters of Charity, popularly known as Sisters of Maria Bambina Convent.
This Higher Secondary School for women is affiliated to the Goa Board and received its recognition in June 1994. Since the inception I am closely associated with this esteemed institution and serving in the Higher Secondary School as a teacher. Oh! What a joy it has been to serve in this vineyard of the Lord.
We did have a humble beginning but today we have a magnificent infrastructure with spacious classrooms, well equipped computer lab and library. The majestic multipurpose hall, common room, sports room and the play-ground helps our students to take a break and release stress .Our institution has been providing ample opportunities to young women to grow intellectually, physically, morally and spiritually. The paramount duty of a student is to study, so the teachers of our school are at the beck-and-call of our dear students. Great attention is also paid to sports and cultural activities to cater to the all-round development and growth of a girl child.
To me it has been a very delightful and challenging experience in this Higher Secondary School. As we enter the campus there is a feeling of awe and reverence. The statue of Maria Bambina is placed in a grotto right at the entrance. The hymns played on the mike before school, blend melodiously with the shouts and cries of little children. The Sisters in habit and saris are seen in every nook and corner welcoming the staff and students with warmth and smile. We believe this institution is our second home. In our school every individual is made to feel wanted, loved and cared for. There is a time to pray, play and pursue with serious studies.
The greatest challenge we have to face in this school is that of low enrolment. Being a girls’ Higher Secondary, we do not provide education for boys. Perhaps, at this adolescence stage due to peer pressure many girls and boys prefer co-educational schools. Nevertheless, this is also the greatest plus point to some of the very backward, less privileged and differently abled students to secure admission and shine in life, otherwise such less fortunate girl-students would not have any reputed school to go to and many of them would have been dropouts. Moreover, in our school since the enrolment is low, about 30 students on average in each class, indeed an ideal number for a healthy teaching-learning process, we can provide individual attention and encourage every student to participate in various confidence-building activities. All these thrilling moments of excitement enlightens and brightens up our lives in school.
Finally, I must sincerely acknowledge and give thanks to the Lord for the praiseworthy services rendered by the Sisters of Maria Bambina Convent to the society. Our teaching and non-teaching staff put in their heart and soul for the up-bringing and betterment of the students. Under the valuable guidance of our dear loved Principal Sr. Thresia Poulose, our kind hearted Manager Sr. Venita Fernandes and our affectionate ex-student Sr. Refa Coutinho in-charge of office matters, we hope our institution will climb greater heights and achieve higher laurels in the glorious years to come. Our beloved students after passing out often visit us and remember the portals of Maria Bambina with nostalgia and pride.
May God bless our management, staff and students so that we become a blessing to humanity.
-Mr. Celestino Albuquerque Teacher Gr.l

“It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you came from. The ability to triumph begins with you always.”

The dedicated and the exemplary service of the Sisters of Charity in the Bidar district touches our hearts very much. They come down to the level of the people, becoming one with them, guiding, encouraging, giving awareness to fight for the rights of each and every woman. Without minding their inconveniences they reach out to the neediest in their difficulties and struggles and counsel them to regain their dignity. They do not show any discrimination to any caste; they love and respect people as human beings. They render selfless service to the people without counting the cost or asking for any reward or seeking fame; they do it with great love and affection. In a word I can say, their prayerful and godly presence gives the people of Bidar the sense of belonging to one human family.

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“We treat, God heals” -the noble words are seen engraved on the ventilator glass panel of the entrance door of Bosio Hospital ; but it had been enshrined in the hearts of the Bosio Convent Sisters, long before they appeared visibly.
I stand witness, affirming the love and care expressed by the Sisters of Charity, which goes back to 30th April 1998 the day I entered the Bosio Convent Hospital premises.
The image here was snapped at a subsequent visit later to the Hospital after having been inducted to the hospital as a Resident Physician. They were golden moments, with Rev. Sister Cleta, Sr. Teresita, Sr. Alice , Sr. Jacinta and Sr. Sofie & Sr. Angela the old anchors of the Institution.
The hospital wore a very quiet forlorn look if I may describe it thus on the first occasion I stepped into its premises. I became a member of the Family of The Bosio Convent swiftly, thanks to the benevolent hearts of the Sisters I mentioned and the one person who suddenly left us all in an awful loss, Sr. Mary Ann, the then Provincial of the Sisters of Charity, Dharwad province. She dissuaded me from another travel abroad for personal reasons and firmly rooted me into the fabric of the Bosio Hospital, its further colourful evolution into a hospital known for its kind and relentless service.
The services rendered by the Sisters of Charity over the years had certainly made a mark in the hearts of the people of Candolim and I was amply supported by the Sisters in executing my 24x7 duty without much discomfort to these people who vested confidence and love on the Sisters.
The Hospital got itself perched into the list of well-known hospitals known for its social milieu akin to that of a family, for the Sisters took care of the patients as their own. Forerunner in making this a reality was Sr. Elsie Andrade, who took keen interest in the welfare of the community of Candolim and all those who worked for the hospital and convent. Today with increasing competition among corporate care givers, Bosio Hospital stands apart as an example of service without a price tag.
-Dr. Alan

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I started my professional education in the year 2001 with Sisters of Charity at Our Lady of Lourdes School of Nursing. I came to study nursing and I was one of the first batches of students. I experienced unconditional love and blessings during my study and working as a staff in the hospital as well as in the school of nursing. The sisters helped me in all stages of my student life. These sisters help all students not only in studies but also financially. I learnt how to manage my time by looking at the sisters because they do their duty in community and in hospital and teaching in nursing school. I cherish beautiful memories of my life spent in the campus of Our Lady of Lourdes School and hospital and with sisters, doctors and my classmates. All this was possible because I had the opportunity to do my studies in this institution.
The sisters at convent and hospital have been role models for me and other young girls who study here. By studying here I have learnt values like honesty, courage, obedience, which have helped me to do my further studies. It is in the nursing school that I learnt how to be a good leader, organizer of programmes and to do team work. I am really blessed and fortunate to be a part of the teaching staff of Our Lady of Lourdes School of Nursing. I feel so proud to say that I was a student of this esteemed Institution and to serve in the same. It is an opportunity for me to express my gratitude in the form of my service here.
It is tremendous mixture of learning and preparing the future nightingales. My experience as a tutor here is to share the pain of the sick persons and serve them indirectly through my students. It will not be an exaggeration if I claim that I am walking in the footsteps of great humankind server. It’s the manifestation of God to me in the form of patients and Mother Theresa in the form of my students.
This institution is not merely a factory of employees but it is the God’s work with his own hands, preparing and moulding His children to serve the patients. “As Christ himself showed a humble example of service by washing the feet of his disciples”.
With feeling of gratitude I wish to thank all past and present sisters for giving me an opportunity to be a part of their institution.

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Yuvathi Sharan hostel, run by the Sisters of Charity of Sts. Bartolomea Capitanio and Vincenza Gerosa (also known as the Sisters of Maria Bambina) is a quaint building tucked away in a tree lined lane of Prabhadevi, a locality in Central Mumbai. Surrounded by skyscrapers, this building nestles among trees in the compound – a visual treat for the eye. Once inside the imposing gates, the first thing that strikes is the cleanliness of the building and its surroundings; and a thriving garden – all thanks to the efforts of the Sisters who work tirelessly there to make the hostel one of the finest in Mumbai for young working women.
For more than four decades, for thousands of young working women who come to Mumbai every year seeking employment, this hostel serves not just as a shelter, but also imparts a feeling of belonging, a place where one can come back home to. This is an invaluable comfort for the young women, many of whom are new to the big teeming metropolis that is Mumbai.
The Sisters ensure that the environment within the hostel is truly like one big family. The bonding that ensues between the inmates truly makes it a `home away from home’. Most importantly, it allows the parents of these young women to be absolutely free from any kind of worry regarding the welfare and security of their wards. The hostel provides the priceless opportunity of meeting people from different walks of life. Lifelong friendships have been forged here, and the former inmates carry cherished memories of the wonderful times spent here.
All of this is thanks to the diligence and determination of the Sisters who are in charge of the hostel. May the Lord bless each one of them abundantly and keep them in His loving care!
-Ann Mathew